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With this new site I hope to present more concise information about the German sheep-dog and the training of these dogs to competent and reliable police dogs. A German shepherd is a working dog. For guarding yard and home, to protect the family, as a reliable surveillance dog to quard public safety and as a sleuth to search for missing persons, objects (explosives) and materials (drugs).
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September 2019: Yes. Our breeding bitch and Caro daughter "Chip van Pauwkes" is Dutch Champion KNPV Object Guarding 2019 with 405 out of 406 points. An absolute dream come true. The result of a journey of 20 years that began with the establishment of kennel "van Brandevoort" in 2000. A journey with setbacks and successes. But always with my own image of a good working dog and a beautiful German Shepherd in mind.









August 2019: Chip obtained a certificate Object Guarding with 396 points. Unfortunately, she missed an object with surveillance. She compensated for this mistake by not making any mistakes at the selection competition: maximum score of 406 points. Because of this she achieved a 4th qualification place and selects herself for the Dutch Object Guarding Championship 2019



August 2017: Our breeding bitch Chip van Pauwkes achieved 433 of 435 points on both the certification and the qualification competition, and placed herself for the Dutch Championships KNPV PH1! Again a German Shepherd from our own lines at the Nationals! On the Nationals she achieved the 8th Place!!
September 2016: We congratulate Rick Verbruggen with his Caro van Brandevoort son "Enze van de Wiersdijk": Dutch National champion KNPV PH1. Max score!!
Spring 2016 : Bad luck for our Berneice del Lupo Nero. Berniece got his PH1 certificate with 431 out of 435 points. Her qualification competition started well. In the late afternoon she still was faultless. In the last few minutes she lost too mucht points: 422 in total. 22th place so no selection for the dutch nationals.
October 2014: Gandalf Brandevoort obtained a certificate with honors with 423 points (only 1 point lost in the impressive attack work)

September 2012: Tom Verbruggen with Edo van Brandevoort champion of the Netherlands KNPV Policedog 1! Rick Verbruggen with Caro van Brandevoort seventh in the championship of the Netherlands KNPV Police dog 2 with faultless attack work!

September 2013: Tom and Rick again Successful: Rick 2nd and Tom 3rd on the KNPV Dutch Championships Object Guarding!


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