Mate date: April 3rd 2010 <--> DOB: June 3rd 2010
Litter size: 2 males - 1 females <--> Color: 1 male sable, 1 male black&tan, 1 female black&tan
Zuchtwert: 79
Inteelt / lijnteelt: top producing bitch Connie vom Körnerplatz

Father: Leon von der Staatsmacnt, zw76

SchH1 100/96/99, SchH2 100/99/98
SchH3 100/98/97, KKl1, A-normal, EDnormal
: Asko von der Lutter
M: Franka von der Staatsmacht

Mother: Ouchie von der Schiffslache
KNPV PH1 met lof 425 pnt, PH2 433 pnt, 
KKl2, UV, ext:G, A-normal, zw: 82
F: Tyson v d Schiffslache, KKl1, Anormal, SchH3
M: Evi vom Champ, Anormal, SchH2
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Sable male

Black-Brown male

Black and Tan male 1 week old

Male 2 weeks old

Female 2 weeks old

The males

Brother and sister

They are 4 weeks old now. Here is the black and tan male.....

........and his black and tan sister.

Paying with Fiona is what they like

Frodo van Brandevoort

........very enterprising

Flexi van Brandevoort. Very young a very good prey drive

.....for the last time together on the photo..................

Frodo goes to Lex Loomans (VDH kringgroep Eindhoven)