Mate date: 4 December 2010 <--> DOB: 5 Februari 2011
Litter size: 6 males - 3 females <--> After infection only 2 males and 1 female left (all black)
Zuchtwert: xx
Inteelt / lijnteelt: 5,5 - 5 Mink vom Haus Wittfeld

Father: Lübeck von der Mahler-Meister

KNPV PH1 met 432 pnt, Object bewaking, HD ED: Anormal, KKl1, V

F: Inox von Haus Ming, KNPV PH1, 2, HD Anormal, KKl2

M: Jura von der Mahler-Meister, KNPV PH1, HD-A-normal

Mother: Barje/Frieda van Brandevoort
KNPV PH1 met 421 pnt,  HD-A, norberg 38
F: Ibor vd Blitse Dune, KNPV PH1, PH2, Object, HD-A
M: Gipsy von der Schiffslache, KNPV PH1, HD-Anormal
Attention! Unique combination: all parents and grandparents KNPV certified! Both males and females!

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5 weeks old and already crazy with the jerryccan.....