Mating date : 30 December 2015 <--> Geboorte datum: 2 March 2016
Litter size: 2 males - 3 bitches <--> 1 - 1 Died. Sable Male, Sable Bitch, Black Bitch
Bandit vom Obenhausener Kreutz: 5-5; Yoschy Dollenwiese 5-5; Gotthilf von der Kine 5-5


Father:Veit vom Wällerhorst

HD ED: A-normal, Goede rug, SG, SchH3,



F: Drago vom Patriot(Schh3)

HD ED -Anormal, KKl1

M: Mandy vom Wällerhorst(SchH3)

HD/ED Anormal

Mother: Chip van Pauwkes
Training for KNPV PH1 HD-A, norberg 40, ED all free, good back


F: Caro van BrandevoortHD-A ED-A goede rug KNPV PH1, PH2, Object, 2x on Dutch Nationals KNPV!!

M: Yska vom Haus Valkenplatz HD/ED A,


Caution! Unique combination: Both parents very high drives in C and B. And all HD A or HD Anormal!!

Pedigree simulation: PedigreeDatabase


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With five born, four alive. Unfortunately 1st day one died

One sable male and one sable bitch

5 days old .............. male

........... and another bitch

.......... her brother..........

The three of us........ 11 days old