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During the training of dogs according the KNPV program I got the ambition (after training Malinois) to focus on German shepherd. Eventually I came across a puppy: "Batca van de Liverdonk" call-name "Kylian". I have raised this pup to an exceptionally good dog: KNPV Policedog1 434, Object guarding 354 points. During his life in The Netherlands he was bred to 25 bitches. The quality of these bitches was, apart from one exception, in general very poor. I did not obtain good progeny from him. If you have a good stud dog, you're depending on what bitches come to you for breeding. Since only a few people within the KNPV train with German shepherds, the interest in a good KNPV stud dog is generally very limited. However, if you have a good bitch, you can select the stud dog yourself. You can develop your own philosophy. That is the reason why I founded in 1999 the kennel “van Brandevoort”.

StephanitzKennel philosophie

German Shepherd Kennel "van Brandevoort" is a small kennel, which tries to improve the qualities of German Shepherd. We do not produce for the money. We have a very clear strategy with regard to our breeding program. We use two statements of "Max von Stephanitz", founder of the "Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV 1899) as the basis:

  1. Qualities to work are the only criteria for beauty.
  2. The always available dog, should support the policeman always: day and night.

We have adapted these statements to the circumstances of the 21st century. The German Shepherd was originally a good police dog. Yet we see that in many European countries the police and defense organizations a Malinois is preferred over a German Shepherd. It is our challenge to improve the breed of the German Shepherd so that these wonderful dogs are suitable again for the modern 21st century police and defense services: a tracking dogs and police surveillance dogs.

The SV stated that the German sheep dog is stable, thoughtful, uninhibited, spirited, vigilant, loyal, brave and incorruptible. Our own experience in training of KNPV and police service dogs teaches us that the policeman should rely on his dog for the 100%. Therefore we believe that the SV character properties are important, but we must concentrate on:

  1. Unconditional courage
  2. Unconditional temperament
  3. Unconditional loyalty

To this we add ourselves:

  1. 100% reliable with a good dose natural sharpness.
  2. Very tough, hard and taxable, both physically and mentally.

We restrict ourselves not to the character properties. We believe that health and majestic appearance are of equal importance. Although we only breed with healthy German Shepherds which meets the breeding standard, we think this is not enough. In the field of health and appearance we also strive for excellence..

We only breed with dogs:

Ultimately, our vision and goal was set:



The "van Brandevoort" German shepherds meet the quality requirements of the heavy KNPV program and therefore are ideally suited for the dog sports and for various tasks in our modern society: surveillance police dogs for maintaining public order, and tracking dogs for the detection of persons, objects (explosives) and materials (drugs).


We try to realize our vision by studying very well the available genetic material and keep up to date with excellent breeding dogs (find these dogs, observe and discuss them). Besides, every now and then we breed a litter and try to ensure that these puppies are used for sport dogs and practical police service dogs.


We only make use of healthy parents meeting the breeding standards but above all, show provable, above-average training abilities. We always try to maintain two mother lines. If one line produces lesser quality dogs, this line may be phased out. With the other mother line the breeding program can be continued and new appropriate lines can be introduced. Click here for more information on the mother line.